Beste leden,
Graag jullie aandacht voor:

  • Herfstvakantie : 18 t/m 22 oktober. Deze week is er geen training.
  • Na de herfstvakantie vinden alle donderdag- en vrijdagtrainingen weer plaats op onze vertrouwde locatie ’t Maerlant Lyceum (Ingang Neuhuyskade).
    Wij starten hier donderdag de 28e. Tijden ongewijzigd.
  • Toeschouwers en ouders zijn weer welkom op alle locaties.

Dear members,

Please pay attention to:

  • Autumn holidays : 18 to 22 October. There will be no training this week.
  • After the autumn break, all Thursday and Friday training sessions will take place again at our original location 't Maerlant Lyceum (Entrance Neuhuyskade).
    At this location we will start Thursday the 28th. Time schedule unchanged.
  • Spectators and parents are welcome again at all locations.

We hope to see you again soon!

Franklin, Rob, Hans, Ferdi, Ed, Dennis, Marc, Niels, Arva, Boyd, Saad, Elena


Our focus is Taekwondo, so our fees are one of the lowest anywhere:

Participating once a week                € 22.50  per month    ½-year amount: € 112.50
Participating twice or more a week    € 25      per month    ½-year amount: € 125.00

Entrance fee membership    € 5 only once  

Payments are accepted twice a year, each containing 5 months in advance:
Sept – January    To be paid before the end of August
Febr. – June        To be paid before the end of January

Our Board as well as the trainers don’t prefer cash payments, so please transfer the fees to our bank account IBAN NL17 INGB 0003 385111 in the name of Gyeong-rye, the Hague.
During the vacation (July, August) no fees will be charged.
In case of leaving: restitution of the prepayments minus one month (term of notice).