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Registration fee

€5.00 only once

Membership fee

Training once a week

€ 25.00  per month

Training twice or more a week

€ 30.00  per month

During the vacation (July, August) no fees will be charged.

Exam fee

We organize a club exam twice a year for our members up to and including red belt. The exam fee is €10.00 per club exam.

Half-yearly installments

The membership fee plus exam fee (for members up to and including red belt) must be transferred to our bank account in advance via 2 half-yearly installments:

BIC INGBNL2A                                                                                                                               
in the name of GYEONG-RYE, the Hague

Sep – Jan    To be paid before no later than August 25
Feb – Jun    To be paid before no later than January 25


from white up untill red belt

From black tag

Training once a week

€135.00 (incl. exam fee)


Training more than once a week

€160.00 (incl. exam fee)



If a member does not participate in the exam, the exam fee (€10) will be refunded after the exam.

In case of leaving: restitution of the prepayments minus one month (term of notice).